Defined in OmniClient.h

enum OmniClientResult

The primary result code returned by the asynchronous functions.


enumerator eOmniClientResult_Ok

The operation was successful.

enumerator eOmniClientResult_OkLatest

Returned only by omniClientLiveRead and indicates that you have the latest version.

enumerator eOmniClientResult_OkNotYetFound

Returned only by omniClientStatSubscribe and omniClientResolveSubscribe functions to indicate that the file wasn’t found, but it is being monitored.

A different error (for example eOmniClientResult_ErrorNotFound) indicates that Subscribe could not monitor the file.

enumerator eOmniClientResult_Error

An unknown error occured while processing the reuest.

enumerator eOmniClientResult_ErrorConnection

The request failed because the connection to the server was lost (or could not be established in the first place)

enumerator eOmniClientResult_ErrorNotSupported

The requested operation is not supported by the server or provider.

enumerator eOmniClientResult_ErrorAccessDenied

You don’t have access to perform the requested operation.

enumerator eOmniClientResult_ErrorNotFound

The operation failed because the specified thing does not exist.

enumerator eOmniClientResult_ErrorBadVersion

This is no longer used.

enumerator eOmniClientResult_ErrorAlreadyExists

You tried to copy or move over a thing that already exists and behavior was not OVERWRITE.

enumerator eOmniClientResult_ErrorSourceIsDest

Tried to omniClientCopy or omniClientMove a thing to itself or a child of itself.

enumerator eOmniClientResult_ErrorAccessLost

Returned by omniClientListSubscribe and omniClientLiveRead when the thing you were subscribed to was either deleted or the ACLs were changed so you no longer have access to it.

enumerator eOmniClientResult_ErrorLocked

Returned by omniClientWriteFile when the file you are trying to write is locked by another client.

enumerator eOmniClientResult_ErrorBadRequest

Returned by HTTP providers when server receives a malformed HTTP request.

enumerator Count_eOmniClientResult