Defined in OmniClient.h

enum OmniClientItemFlags

Item flags.


enumerator fOmniClientItem_ReadableFile

You can call omniClientReadFile on this.


: ACLs may still prevent you from reading it

enumerator fOmniClientItem_WriteableFile

You can call omniClientWriteFile on this.


ACLs may still prevent you from writing it

enumerator fOmniClientItem_CanHaveChildren

This thing can contain other things (a folder-like thing)

enumerator fOmniClientItem_DoesNotHaveChildren

This thing does not have any children.

The lack of this flag does not mean it does have children! Sometimes we are not sure if it has children until you attempt to list the children. This is only intended to be used for UI elements to hide the “expand” button if we are sure it does not have any children.

enumerator fOmniClientItem_IsMount

This thing is the root of a mount point.

enumerator fOmniClientItem_IsInsideMount

This thing is located inside a mounted folder.

enumerator fOmniClientItem_CanLiveUpdate

This thing supports live updates.

enumerator fOmniClientItem_IsOmniObject

This thing is in omni-object format.

You must use omniClientLiveRead to read it and omniClientLiveUpdate to update it

enumerator fOmniClientItem_IsChannel

You can call omniClientJoinChannel on this.

enumerator fOmniClientItem_IsCheckpointed

This item is a checkpoint.