Defined in OmniClient.h

OmniClientResult omniClientSetS3Configuration(char const *url, char const *bucket, char const *region, char const *accessKeyId, char const *secretAccessKey, char const *cloudfrontUrl, bool cloudfrontForList, bool writeConfig)

Set S3 configuration info for a given URL.

  • url – S3 url to configure. Can be any URL even a custom S3 domain. required.

  • bucket – S3 bucket name. required.

  • region – S3 region. required.

  • accessKeyId – S3 access key. optional.

  • secretAccessKey – S3 secret access key. optional.

  • cloudfrontUrl – CloudFront URL. optional. if set, any URLs using url will automatically be rewritten to use this URL.

  • cloudfrontForList – Send all list and stat requests through the CloudFront URLs instead of directly to the S3 endpoint.

  • writeConfig – true to write omniverse.toml file back to disk, false to only have changes in memory