Defined in OmniClient.h

uint32_t omniClientRegisterAuthCallback(void *userData, OmniClientAuthCallback callback)

Register a callback to provide authentication credentials.

More than one callback can be registered at the same time, they will be called newest-to-oldest until one of them returns ‘true’ indicating that it wants to handle the request Returns a handle that you provide to omniClientUnregisterCallback

The authentication callback receives the “prefix” of the server it’s trying to connect to, which could be of the form “omniverse://server:port” “http://server” “file://server” etc.. You can use omniClientBreakUrl to Parse the prefix into scheme, host, and port. Return false to fall back to the default credentials (for example because this is not a server you care about) Return true if you have filled in the credentials Either: Set credentials->abort to true to stop the sign-in process OR set credentials->token OR set credentials->username and credentials->password