Defined in OmniClient.h

void omniClientLiveConfigureJitterReduction(uint32_t delayConstantMilliseconds, uint32_t delayMultiple, uint32_t delayMaximumMilliseconds)

Set parameters that control jitter reduction.

Jitter is a variance in latency. For example if your ping times are variable from 100ms up to 250ms, then your received updates will not be smooth.

Jitter reduction attempts to reduce jitter by holding incoming updates in a queue and releasing them at a consistent rate. The amount of delay is a multiple of your average ping time, plus some constant, up to a maximum amount.

The formula is: delay = sentTime + min(delayMaximum, delayConstant + delayMultiple * averageLatency) - receivedTime

  • sentTime is the (actual) server time when the update was sent

  • receivedTime is the (estimated) server time when the update was received

  • averageLatency is the average amount of latency measured from periodic pings

  • delay is the amount of time to wait before processing the update

The default values are 10ms of constant delay, 2x average ping time, and 1 second maximum.

Pass (0,0,0) to completely disable jitter reduction.

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