Defined in OmniClient.h

char *omniClientCombineUrls(char const *baseUrl, char const *otherUrl, char *buffer, size_t *bufferSize)

This combines a URL with an explicit base URL.

The full rules are mostly defined by Although we do some special magic for raw file paths Note that trailing slashes matter here! (“/a/b/c”, “d”) = “/a/b/d” (“/a/b/c/”, “d”) = “/a/b/c/d” The trailing slash rule makes more sense with real files: (“/path/file1.usd”, “file2.usd”) = “/path/file2.usd” (“/path/subdir/”, “file.usd”) = “/path/subdir/file.usd” buffer rules are the same as omniClientMakeUrl