Omniverse USD Resolver Changes


  • Update to client-library v2.14.0

  • CC-836: Don’t fetch packages (usdz, etc) during Resolve

  • OM-57318: Add support for Houdini 19.5 - USD 22.05 AR 2 - Python 3.9

  • CC-769: Added omniUsdResolverRegisterStateCallback

  • OM-51275: Add python3.7 to pxr-21_11 flavor


  • Update to client-library v2.13.0

  • OM-55418: Skip SdfFileFormats that are packages from OmniUsdWrapperFileFormat

  • OM-57476: Fixed an issue that Houdini omni-usd-resolver was built against degbug lib files on Linux.

  • OM-57674: Fix crashes that can occur when the usd-resolver DLL/SO is unloaded

  • OM-53578: Supporting Ar 2.0 and added pxr-22_05b-ar2 flavor (python 3.7 only)

  • OM-51275: Added pxr-21_11 flavor (python 3.9 only)

  • OM-57786: Added prefixed-nv-20_08 flavor (python 3.7 windows only)

  • OM-47199: Fix MDL handling for non-builtin asset paths


  • Update to client-library v2.12.0

  • Add support for Houdini on Linux

  • CC-709: Handle Nucleus returning sequence=0 from “update_object” (fixes a desync in live mode)

  • CC-547: Fix layer reload with live layers

  • CC-575: Fix layer->Clear() with live layers


  • Update to client-library v2.11.1

  • OM-53998: Fix for resolving assets inside USDZ archives


  • Update to client-library v2.11.0

  • Include omni_usd_resolver.lib in packman package

  • CC-710: Add support for SdfTimeCode, and fixed crash when attempting to read an unsupported type


  • OM-47199: pathological subscribe_list() calls to the server when loading scenes


  • OM-47199: Updated README for testing MRs against kit



  • Update to client-library v2.9.0

  • Include python bindings in package.


  • Update to client-library v2.8.0

  • OM-49309: Unable to find correct identifier from within a SdfFileFormat plugin

  • CC-501: Use omniClientBreakUrlAbsolute

  • CC-504: Add omniUsdResolverSetCheckpointMessage function. This function allows users to set the checkpoint message

    that will be used for atomic checkpoints when saving files. Python bindings are also created for this funciton.


  • Update to client-library v2.7.0

  • OM-48244: Added Python 3.9 support.

  • OM-45532: Fix layer->Reload not sending change notifications for non-live omniverse files.

  • OM-48916: Fix SdfLayer::CreateNew after SdfLayer::FindOrOpen while an ArResolverScopeCache is active.

  • CC-436: Fix loading a layer from local disk with % characters in their file names.


  • Update to client-library v2.6.0

  • CC-333: Split omni-usd-resolver from client-library v2.5.0

  • CC-380: Fix OpenAsAnonymous

  • CC-438: Fix GetExtension with non-layers